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2012 December
Anthony Nalli's Dreams of Flight - Part 3

At this year's NBAA Convention in sunny Orlando, Florida, Jessica Seaman of MastersOfFlight.com was able to sit down with Anthony Nalli, Executive Productor of the extremely successful TV show The Aviators, for an interview about his aviation dreams. This is the last of a three-part series detailing Jessica's chat with Anthony.

It was becoming apparent to me that I was talking to a man that was much more than a producer and host of a show that talked about aviation. There was more to this man, and I was determined to find out what it was. When he talked about aviation, I could tell that he meant what he said. He is not a shallow individual speaking empty words that just sounded appealing.  Nalli lived what he spoke about.  He is a man that is living his dream.  It was important to know what message that he had to share with young people. I asked, "As you know, Sennheiser Live your Dream project is all about encouraging young people to live their dreams. After spending this past time with you, I sense that this is something that is very important to you as well. If you could tell young people any message at all, what would it be?"  I sat back and waited for his answer. Without hesitation he blurted out with great enthusiasm “Determine to live your dream!"  It was a simple statement, but yet profound.  He continued, "Many people lose sight of their dream because they tend to look too far towards the end and see too many obstacles. This stops them from ever reaching their dream".  I recalled our earlier conversation and knew he was indeed speaking from his own personal experiences. He continued, "You need to take one step at a time. You need to start now.  Why wait?!  My advice to young people, and for anyone for that matter, is that you must first decide what your dream is, take one positive step at a time to achieve it. As you are consistent with each small step, you will make your dream become a reality in your life." 
In the few short minutes that I shared with Anthony Nalli, I had been encouraged.  The message was clear.  We all want to "live our dream". In order to do this we must first DETERMINE to live our dream.  Though obstacles may try to stand in our way, or those around us try to discourage us having an attitude of determination will enable us to overcome these obstacles. 
On behalf of MastersofFlight.com, Sennheiser Live Your Dream and myself, I wish to thank Anthony Nalli for sharing his story of the determination that helped him to live his dream.  We wish him continued luck with The Aviators and with all his future endeavors!  Dream on!

About the Author:  Jessica "Jessie" Seaman is an Aviation Journalist that shares stories of those making aviation history today on her website, www.mastersofflight.com
The love for aviation was instilled in Jessica at a very early age by her father who is a private pilot. She is presently a student pilot and will achieve her Private Pilot’s License at just the age of seventeen. Jessie has a passion to mentor other young people encouraging them to follow their dreams.  She is a regular public speaker sharing her message, “The Sky is Just the Beginning”.
Ms. Seaman is an intern for Sun’ n Fun, Inc. where she assists with aviation education to young people,   Jessica is also honored to serve as the International Lead Student for Think Global Flight, an educational adventure promoting STEM education around the world.  She is a student at Central Florida Aerospace where she is majoring in Aerospace Studies.  Her dream is to become a corporate pilot.

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